Monday, September 10, 2012

The Weekend

     One rather interesting aspect of my UWC experience is that, thus far, I have only spent one weekend on campus. That's right, three weeks and one weekend. And while both off-campus trips were wonderful, my co-years and I were really very excited for this new experience. And oooooh boy was it a weekend.
     Saturday morning I started one of my CASs (CAS= Creativity, Action, Service. Mandatory categories of activities in which we participate. I have soccer (which is my OPA, Organized Physical Activity), library assistant (Campus Care), Castle Tours (CE- Community Engagement), Peer Mediation (CEC- Constructive Engagement of Conflict), Jewelry Making (a club), and Wellness and Wilderness (which are mandatory for all first years for the first semester). Basically we're BUSY) Anyways, Saturday was my first time with Castle Tours and it was so cool! As many of you know, I go to school in a castle, but what you don't know is that we have a lot of really cool history. Maybe I'll do a specific post on all the info, it's really interesting. Plus we also get to go into some areas of the school off limit to most students (mwahahaha :D).
     Then Saturday afternoon we had our first of, what we call, Dorm Days. Basically its an afternoon set aside for each dorm (we have 6) to do activities together. Now, all week long our second-years kept telling us S (our RT- Resident Tutor, the adult responsible for making sure we're all alive) was really angry with us because the dorm was a mess and we were loud and so she was going to make us spend all afternoon cleaning. Which, to be fair, is actually not too far from the truth- we are fairly messy and not the quietest bunch of coconuts (I totally just made that expression up... it made me laugh). So anyways, we all convene for Dorm Day, completely prepared to work for several hours. And the meeting begins, S walks in, looking all solemn, and tells us we're going to take care of some things today and that the second years know what to do. So they take over and start explaining how we're going to scrub the carpets with soap, clean out the showers and the drains, and scrub the outside of the building, and wait.... one more thing... *t-shirts all come off to reveal swimsuits* POOL PARTY!!!!
     WHOA. wait, WHAT?! No, i know, I was completely caught off guard and totally clueless for maybe 5 seconds. And then I realized we didn't have to clean- whoooooo!!!! It was really fun, we just hung out at the pool and had snacks and then afterwards the school got a moon-bounce and we had a barbecue. Yay dorm days!
     And that's only through Saturday afternoon.
     Saturday evening we had what we call the "Patio Party". In front of our Field House there's this rather large "patio" where there was basically a big dance party Saturday evening. Now, while I love dancing, I hate dances. But most people had fun, so that's good.
     Sunday morning we engaged in another tradition: the First Year V. Second Year Soccer Game. It was INTENSE. and really fun :) The second years won, no surprise, but we, if I may say so myself, put on a great show and played really well. And we stayed within our goal (ahaha, see what I did there?) (only losing by 5 or less) as the score was 7-2. No worries, we're going to improve and the next time this tradition roles around, we'll be ready!
    Sunday afternoon there was an ice cream social for families in the Las Vegas area who host UWC students in their homes as "get-aways" (basically students can get off campus and spend time with a surrogate family for a bit). I got to lead a castle tour, which was really fun, and good experience.
     And did I do any homework this weekend?
     Just kidding, I'm a responsible student. And also a teenager who did only just what I needed to for my classes today. I've got it down to a science ;)
     So it was a pretty good, and extremely busy, weekend. And this is just the beginning of the year. You just wait....

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