Thursday, August 6, 2015

One Year Later...

It's incredible how much can change in a year.

You can move states, start college, meet about a million new people, forget you have a blog, etc. etc. In my last semester at UWC I threw myself into focusing on living in the present, each blog opportunity being overshadowed by a "real-life" moment, and so when I left and returned to the real world, it became all too easy to let the blog go.

But I think I'm back.
And I hope it's worth it.
Maybe there will even be some adventuring and deep-thinking to share.

So let me catch you up to where I am now.

Over a year ago (yikes!) I officially graduated from UWC, and- as I had to repeat over and over again while leaving- began a new chapter and a new adventure. Leaving was hard (really, really hard) but over the past year I've learned that I don't have to be in a specific place or with a specific group of people to carry with me the values and ideas in which I believe, and that even though I might be very far away from those people, I will see them again. Plus Skype and Google Hangouts are the best thing since sliced bread (an expression from my music teacher back in Kansas).

Oh and speaking of Kansas, my family has also begun a new adventure. For a number of reasons, the Nebrat family is now happily living in Pennsylvania. I think we all miss Wichita a lot, particularly the people, but it's also been a positive change, and I think it's safe to say we're fairly happy.

I've also just finished my first year of college. I am attending Harvard University, and the past year has been... so many things. I surprised myself by feeling truly homesick for the first time ever last fall. But since then I've come to really love Harvard, and Boston, and all of the great things and lessons of the past year. I was lucky enough to be matched with some of the most incredible girls to live with (I'm sure they'll pop up in a blog soon enough), who definitely made the transition to college easier and way more fun. I was also proud to represent the school as a member of the Crimson Dance Team, and more recently as a member of Crimson Key Society. And as for academics? I was warned Harvard would be "cut-throat" and competitive, but I've found that like most things, it's all about what you make of it. And I've made a grand time of it. So that's that.

What else...?

Oh I've also had to be a proper adult this summer. What with an internship, and a job, and living in a real life house and cooking actual food (not just mac n cheese), I am definitely beginning to feel myself aging. Ok fine I'm not that old, and sure, it's a little fun to get to be responsible.

So that's the really, really short version; a whole year wrapped neatly into one quick blog post.
Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the blog more regularly now! That's the goal at least. And I guess I'm competitive or something... so I'll just have to meet that goal.