Monday, June 3, 2013

"See you later."

     I've begun writing this post at least 10 times now. How do I capture all of the past year in words and begin to express the gratitude I feel to all of my co-years and, especially, my second- years, for making it so special?
     I just don't even know.
     I could write millions of words on the last year- recounting stories, telling jokes, explaining traditions, but I think it might be better just to keep it short and sweet.
     Thank you. Thank you SOOOO much. To my parents, family, and friends for helping me get to UWC. To my national committee and Shelby Davis for making this experience possible. To my co-years for being some of my best friends ever ever ever, for embarking on this journey with me and for making it all the better. And to my second years, for welcoming us into your home, for being incredible role models, and for being even better friends.
     I won't bother saying good bye. This isn't good-bye, it's see you later. Because y'all are always welcome in Kansas, at school (please come visit us this year!!), and I hope to maybe even see some of you in your own home countries.
     Love you all.
     See ya later.