Monday, September 24, 2012


     Those of you who know me well and/or have spent a lot of time with me (family, GF, KB, HV, you all know who you are) know that I'm always hungry. I LOVE food. And especially dessert. Like ice cream :) (GC, HK, PP) And let me tell you, nothing's changed. Granted the food here is cafeteria food and not nearly as good as at home (though I appreciate all of the work the staff puts in, really I do, but its just not home food), I still gotta eat.
     Ok, so what?
     Here at UWC we believe in seizing every opportunity and challenging ourselves. Which is great and all, I'm very competitive and love beating challenges. But when I'm hungry and/or half-asleep in the morning I'm not really a big fan of exercise like, oh, I don't know, stairs? And I most definitely do not want to climb a minimum of 90 steps just to eat. And yet, such is life- bummer. 
     I think I've mentioned before that our campus is located in the foot-hills of the Rockies, or as my environmental systems teacher would point out, specifically, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. And if you read my post about the castle's history, you'll know that when the current castle was first built in 1884, it was built atop a hill to maximize air flow and minimize fires. But that means we have to climb up to the castle somehow. And, quite unfortunately (in my opinion), escalators and elevators just aren't practical for outdoor use. So we have stairs. And they're not just little baby stairs; we have the real deal.
     There are two ways to get up to the castle, one on each side of campus:

1) This lovely set of stairs is at least 70 steps long (not counting the other two flights you have to go up just to get over here and the set to get into the castle) and leads up from the dorms and field house.

2) Our next image depicts the fantastic set of stairs leading up from the IT center, Science Building, Old Stone, and Auditorium. I have no idea how many steps it includes, definitely more than the first set and far too many for my taste.

    Now, you're probably thinking "wow, these lazy kids, it's just some steps". But you're forgetting that we have to climb these at least three times a day to eat, four if you choose to go to break, and more if you have classes up in the castle. And we have to lug our backpacks around. And we're 7,000 ft. up and in a drought. Not such a fun combination for our lungs.
    Don't get me wrong, the location really is gorgeous and I wouldn't want you to get the idea that I've just written this entire blog to whine. I just wanted to share one of the lovely parts of our campus. And, if you think about it, these are really a good workout- each time you want to eat you have to earn it. So in that respect I may owe some gratitude to these stairs for providing some exercise.
     On the other hand, I'm sure the school would be happy to accept any donations for the purpose of building some nice escalators and slides into the landscape :)

Also, I'll include a picture of our castle, which really is pretty! This is the view from that second set of stairs, it's a side of the castle.

 Impressive, no?

And a quick shout-out to EG and CG for the cute card I got in the mail today- it made me smile!! Thanks :)

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