Wednesday, September 19, 2012


     Today is a very special day for us here on the UWC-USA campus. It is the 50th Anniversary of the UWC movement and of the very first college in Wales (Atlantic College), the 30th Anniversary of our own college here in the U.S., and exactly one month that the first years have been UWC students.
     We're celebrating the anniversaries of our school and of the movement all this week, a celebration we call "30/50". This morning all of the UWCs around the world watched a live broadcast from Atlantic, during which the president of Atlantic, an alum from one of the first classes, and Queen Noor of Jordan spoke. It was interesting and cool that we all shared that experience, but quite honestly, mostly just amusing because the president made a lot of funny faces at funny times. The festivities continued in the afternoon with a "day of service", during which every student and a good portion of the teachers went out into the community and worked in some way to help the community.
     This weekend we're holding a big party on Saturday out on the lawn. There will be performances, games, cultural demonstrations, discussions, food, and lots of fun. We're expecting a lot of guests- parents, getaways, people from town- including one alum from every single graduating class from UWC. Isn't that awesome?! Some of the alums will be holding discussions Friday night too. Should be exciting!
     And finally- one month since we've been here. This is hard to believe- it's gone by fast, but at the same time I feel like I've been here forever. I've done SOOO much, learned so much, met so many people, shared so many stories. UWC is such a unique place and such a special experience and I am so grateful to be here and look forward to so many more months!
     Speaking of being grateful to be here, Shelby Davis, the man who provides full scholarships to all American students at all of the UWCs around the world, is coming to campus on Saturday and we're going to get to meet him! Yay!
     Ok, I have to run, lots more to do today! Hope all of you are well, and don't forget to wish any UWCers you may know a "Happy Anniversary!"

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