Sunday, September 30, 2012

Southwest Studies

     This week every first year on campus is embarking on an adventure- a set of trips we refer to as "Southwest Studies". While the second years stay on campus and work on their extended essays ("EE"- a 4,000 word paper we all have to write for IB), college apps, SAT prep, and college interviews, the first year class will be exploring our local area in several different ways. The trips include hiking in the Grand Canyon, some hard-core adventures like spelunking, and several others just exploring New Mexican history and culture. My trip is Cooking; we're spending several days in Santa Fe cooking dishes from our cultures, sleeping, shopping, going to the movies, and visiting culturally diverse cuisine places- it's gonna be great :) I'm excited to eat some real (and international) food, get some rest, and augment my wardrobe a little!
     Some of the trips have already left and since the second years have been busy, the last couple of days have been fairly boring. As a result I have acquired some interesting first-hand knowledge of the campus and castle, though unfortunately I can't share them here (sorry, I hate to pique your curiosity and then leave you hanging).
     At the moment I can't think of anything too exciting to share, but I'm sure I'll have some new stories after this week!

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