Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Home Stretch

     When I came to UWC, there was absolutely no doubt in mind that I was making the right choice. I knew that this was where I wanted to be, studying with 200 other kids from around the world, hoping to one day make a difference. I remember my very first glimpse of the castle, and quite honestly, I think a part of me still thought the whole concept of UWC was a dream until we rounded that corner and saw the red turret dominating the side of the mountain. "Montezuma": a tiny town in the middle of New Mexico, a place where the world comes together.

My first glimpse of UWC-USA- August 2012

     Yesterday I rounded the corner again, drove past the "Montezuma" sign, watched the red and gray become bigger, this time nestled comfortably into the mountains, a familiarity that can only be associated with a place called "home". But this trip was different. Now I was returning for my final semester at UWC.
     I cannot possibly express how wonderful my time here has been. I have made lifelong friends. I have grown as an individual, through studying, through attempting and loving new experiences, through opening my mind to a world of possibilities. And while I know that my UWC experience will only grow from this point onward- even beyond the campus gates- I cannot help but feel sad knowing that our time here is ticking down.
     It seems like everywhere we turn my co-years and I are checking off items on a list. Orientation? Check. Buddy Dance? Check. Third Semester? Check. Though we have five months remaining, I know how quickly they will pass, that very soon it we will be we who are standing on a stage, waving diplomas, saying good-byes.
     In the next few months my classmates and I will be receiving letters that will determine where we will be in the coming years. I cannot wait to see where my friends will end up; as talented and brilliant as they all are, I know everyone will go on to live grand new adventures, be they university, gap years, or whatever else.
     And I am excited for myself as well. Though I do not yet know where I'll find myself come August, I do know that I have been prepared for anything that may come my way. I hope to meet the future with excitement and with the energy to continue living my dreams.
     But for now, I have five more months to make the most of. Though there will be much working and studying and applying myself, I also look forward to making new friends, to making memories, to trying new things. This is the homestretch, the last leg of a journey that I will remember for the rest of my life. On what will I look back and smile?

Let Fourth Semester begin. Bring it on.

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