Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dropped the Ball

Oops. It's clearly been two months since my last post, and I apologize for this lapse. It's been a very, very busy semester. Just to give you an idea:

* Annual Conference
* MAAD- Middle East, Asia, and Australia Day
* Midterms
* Project Week- Working with No More Deaths near the Arizona/Mexico border (something I definitely want to write a separate blog about!!)
* Trial Exams- basically practice IB exams for the second years
* College decisions
* Holi
* US Applicants on campus for admission selection process
* Blind Date

and much more! I'm trying to live in the moment (as I continue to juggle school and CAS of course) and enjoy my remaining time at UWC. In less than six weeks the Class of 2014 will have graduated from UWC and begin the rest of our lives. It's exciting of course, but also a bit frightening. However I have faith that we're all going on to great adventures; in the meantime- many more good times here in Montezuma.

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