Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Whole New Year

     Boy, if I thought Second Year was going to be anything like First Year, I am learning every single minute how wrong I was. Yes, the big things are the same, but I don't think I realized how powerful the incoming class is. There are 113 new students on campus. That is definitely more than the second years and frankly, though they probably don't know it, the first years are intimidating. Not that they are individually frightening, most of those I've met are really very nice, but that the idea of having first years is terrifying. It means that we are second years. It means we have many more responsibilities, both to them and to ourselves. And it means, as administration keeps reminding us, that in 9 short months we are going to be alumni. Alumni. Ew. I'm sure it'll still be wonderful, UWC is a lifelong community after all, but we'll be gone from Montezuma, NM, and, at least right now, that's scary.
     But it is exciting, of course. It's fun to be the teachers, the leaders, and to be able to share our experience with so many new people. This year we have many new countries represented, and one of the largest classes thus far. I have yet to meet a lot of people, and I hope the firsties know that this time is just as strange for us as it is for them; we've never been second years before.
     It's also extremely challenging, and I feel like there's a lot of pressure to "do it right". Our class is struggling to stay strong together, to not miss our second years so much, and to give the first years the best possible UWC experience. My mom says its a good experience (she's probably right, learning how to balance all of these challenges and new voices) but it's also difficult and I just have my fingers crossed we'll do half as well as our second years did for us last year.
     As it's a busy time I won't write too much just now, but know that life here is as busy and crazy as ever and I'll come back soon!

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