Wednesday, July 3, 2013


     Hey y'all, hope everyone's enjoying their summer (or winter, if you live in the southern hemisphere). Sorry it's been so quiet on my end, haven't had a whole lot to report. Mostly I've just been hanging out at home, with friends and family, and, of course, working on my loooong extended essay and college research. I've also been keeping in touch with UWC friends- though maybe not as much as I would like- but it sounds like everyone's enjoying themselves.
     I do have one UWC-ish piece of news to report: I'll be in London soon and am hoping to meet up with my third year from UWC-SEA; yay! It'll be really exciting to hear about another school and another set of experiences. Also, while flying/ moving through airports I'm planning on wearing a UWC hoodie and hoping to run into some cool people :)
     If you're a UWC grad in London or Ukraine let me know and we can try to get together!

Best wishes from Kansas!

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