Tuesday, November 6, 2012


     So I'm sure many of you are currently sitting in front of your TVs watching the votes come in or hitting refresh on your computer screens. Whether you're voting blue or red, you have to admit this whole election process is pretty exciting, confusing and/or frustrating maybe, but exciting. But I have to say, I'm a little sorry for you- you don't get to watch this whole process surrounded by 200 brilliant, politically-aware young minds. This school prepares us to be the leaders of tomorrow, and there can be no dissension to the fact that we're interested in our leaders today.
     Students have been discussing and debating the elections since the beginning of the semester. It's been intense. With 98% of the campus vehemently democratic, the republicans have been trying to make themselves heard, and both sides have been campaigning with the party offices in town. There are probably hundreds of _____ for Obama posters around campus, and maybe a couple Romney posters too.
     It's extremely interesting to hear the opinions of students who will actually be affected by the changes that occur after this election. Both the foreign and education policies affect individuals on campus, and, being so close to college and legal adulthood, there's a lot of concern about the results.
     Speaking of results, we heard a presentation this morning about how we actually get the results- mainly dealing with the extremely strange American system of the electoral college. I'll be totally honest, I've never really understood how the whole things works, especially how a candidate can win the popular vote and lose the electoral vote, but I think I understand it a little better now. And so do a lot of the international students.
     Ohp, the votes just came in for the west coast and its looking like Obama may just win this time around. Surprise!
     I guess we'll keep watching and hopefully know soon.

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