Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Council Moon Cafe

     As I mentioned in my last post, this past week UWC-USA has been hosting the International Council and the heads of each of the colleges. And it has been incredible! Not only has it been fun for us as an international community to get to interact with others, but it's been like a mini experiment on the students. When my mom came to visit a couple weeks ago she said something along the lines of "I just can't believe that everyone here is so friendly and so willing to stop, introduce themselves, and speak with you. At your old school, this never would have happened; the kids shied away from strange adults as though they were aliens." (That's paraphrased, but you get the idea) This in no way is meant to reflect poorly on my old school, just to point out that UWC is a very different community. 
     Meeting people from across the globe is no big deal here, we're very good at it; and in a community of about 250, it's exciting to meet new friends and share stories! And we do, all the time. Students were more than happy to converse and share with our guests, and we learned as much about the adults as they learned from us. I met individuals from six continents, of different ages, backgrounds, and positions; one of them had even been to Wichita! As our VP says "we're the coolest school in America!", because, hey, where else could this happen?
     One of the ways that the students wanted to share our community with our guests was by putting on a "cafe". Every so often, students organize informal performances called "cafes" (with a moon theme- so the first one was "new moon" and the last one of the  year will be "blue moon") where anyone who wants to can perform anything they choose. And you would not believe how much talent we have on campus!
     So we organized "Council Moon Cafe" last weekend and I, along with six other students, performed a song- Something Salty, Something Sweet. We had voice, cello, drums, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, a bass, and piano. We didn't have too much prep, at most 24 hours and at least 20 min. (no joke, the bass joined two hours before and the acoustic guitar joined twenty minutes before the show), but, if I may say so myself, the result was pretty decent. And we weren't the only ones. There were 15 performances total and they were all really impressive. I'm including our video- so that y'all can have a taste of UWC talent. Enjoy :)

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